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- Since 1998 -

ProAg Distributors: “Providing Solutions” 

California's  Leader in Quality

ProAg Distributors is one of the leaders in California when it comes to introducing growers to niche products that deliver results. As a whole, we focus on providing our customers with expert advice and analysis that allows for us to custom tailor a growing regiment to any growing condition. Our line of products are geared to help with nutrient uptake efficiency, stress reduction, and many other aspects of growing that are present in all production systems. For over 20 years ProAg has been improving farmer’s stands and yields by offering high quality amendments that cannot be found anywhere else on the market.


ProAg has spent the past 20 years in the agriculture industry culminating the rights to sell exclusive products that many distributors do not have access to. By being selective with who we partner with and what products we promote, we have been able to foster good relationships with both our suppliers and customers. We feel it is important to maintain a strong friendship with both in order to provide the best service possible. Below are some of our known associates with a brief explanation of what they provide and why we have chosen to partner with them.

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