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Our Story

ProAg Distributors has been servicing the California Central Valley for over 20 years. Sister company to ProPlant Transplanting Services, ProAg was started as a small chemical dealer with the goal of maximizing a grower’s potential through the use of specialty plant growth amendments. Originally, ProAg specialized in tank mix fertilizers that catered to vegetable transplant needs, supplying the processing tomato transplant industry with new chemistries never utilized in the field before. 

Oak Tree, Sunrise, Wheat,

About ProAg Distributors

As the benefits of incorporating these new formulations into current farming practices became more and more apparent, ProAg expanded its list of available supplements and began to offer grower visits but still continued to look for ways to become more innovative in the industry. Fast forward to today, and ProAg is one of the leaders in introducing new concepts and chemicals from a multitude of different developers. We offer free consultations, trialing solutions, soil sampling, as well as many other services to our growers in order to provide the best overall care to our clients. We are representatives of multiple different product developers and the sole distributor of some of the newest chemicals to hit the market, giving us an edge over the large corporate operations.

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